Claim Filing and Recovery

CCC's Flagship Service Offering: Maximizing Class Action Awards, Eliminating Hassles

Filing securities class action claims is tedious, complicated, and time-consuming. Chicago Clearing Corporation (CCC) makes it simple, eliminates the headache, and helps you keep up with every single settlement.

CCC will manage the entire process, including:

  • Monitoring the class action world so you don't have to
  • Filing new claims in all upcoming class actions
  • Filing late claims in all past-deadline class actions, and petitioning on your behalf for each claim's acceptance
  • Tracking existing claims and corresponding with claims administrators
  • Allocating settlement awards.

    CCC can lift the burden of class actions from your shoulders so you can better serve your clients. We provide firms with a smart, simple recovery solution that adds value to clients' accounts, satisfies regulatory demands, and brings peace of mind to busy back-offices. With CCC on your side, you will know that you and your clients are participating in every recovery opportunity.

    Why Choose CCC?

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    Class actions have become a vital way for investors to recover market losses, but they are also complicated and often confusing. Each year, over 400 new complaints are filed in the federal court system alone, with scores more in state courts and in international (non-US) jurisdictions. Well over a hundred cases settle in the US each year, and new foreign actions with disparate and often esoteric participation requirements pile up each week. Merely keeping up has become a specialization. Add to all this the fact that no two cases are alike, that securities identifiers are rarely made explicit in settlement documents, that the claim filing procedures vary from administrator to administrator (among other headaches), and you have a world where filing claims becomes both a time-suck and a specialization beyond the scope of the institutional investor.

    Outsourcing securities class action claim filing to CCC is the smart solution. When savvy investors have questions about securities cases, from cases filed yesterday to the ones that settled ten years ago (or more), they turn to CCC. When plaintiff attorneys want loss calculation models for specific securities, they turn to CCC. CCC alone straddles the financial world and the legal world. This makes CCC's staff especially able to fight for class action recovery.

    Since 1993 CCC has been a leader in the class action settlement world. James Tharin, the founder and CEO, and many of his staff have worked in financial markets for over three decades. Why would you trust your financial data with anyone else?

    Let CCC Manage the Entire Claim Filing Process

    CCC does not simply eliminate a tedious task. CCC maximizes recovery opportunities. Here's how:

  • We find and extract all your historical data, no matter the source
  • We normalize your historical data, no matter how complicated or disparate the sources.
  • We keep your data secure at all times according to the strict demands of SOC I Level 2 guidelines.
  • We continually scan your data to flawlessly file each class action claim.
  • We report all your securities class action activities securely on a user-friendly online portal.
  • We calculate, reconcile and audit each filing and each disbursement to ensure you receive all the money you are owed, for every account.
  • We manage settlement distributions and allocations in whatever manner best serves your needs.

    Give us a call today at 312-204-6970

    Join the legions of CCC's delighted clients. Free your time for what's important: servicing your clients. Call us today, and let's get started.

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