How Chicago Clearing Helps Market Makers

The Problem

Filing securities class action claims is tedious, complicated, and time-consuming. Managing the claim filing process for scores of claims each year is a monumental headache. Yet, market makers could be leaving a lot of money on the table if they fail to file securities class action claims and collect all the funds owed to them. What to do?

The Solution

Chicago Clearing Corporation (CCC) can manage the entire process.

From monitoring to filing to tracking to payout, CCC can free up your time. Utilizing CCC's vast array of class action services is the smart way to keep up with class actions and focus on the markets.

Why Outsource to CCC?

Chicago Clearing alone has this unique dual expertise in both the legal and financial industries. Since 1993 CCC has been a leader in the class action settlement world. James Tharin, CCC's founder, CEO and a former market-making member of the CBOE, and many of his staff have worked in financial markets for over three decades.

Founded in 1993, CCC has help class members recover over $700 million in settlement funds since our inception. When savvy investors have questions about securities cases, from cases filed yesterday to the ones that settled ten years ago (or more), they turn to CCCs. When plaintiff attorneys need advice on creating an equitable settlement, they turn to CCC. Our advanced claims tracking methodology, data retrieval mastery, processing powers and proprietary technologies are unparalleled.

CCC Services Overview

Let CCC manage the entire claim filing process:

  • Portfolio monitoring for every new settlement
  • Extracting and normalizing your historical data from all data sources
  • Claim filing
  • Maintaining correspondence with administrators, including resolving deficiencies.
  • Reporting all your securities class action activities securely online
  • Calculating recognized loss for each claim
  • Monetizing claims on demand
  • Allocations settlement proceeds in whatever way best serves your needs.

    CCC takes the burden of claim filing off of your shoulders and turns it into a reliable, even predictable, stream of recovery. All that and great customer service too!

    Let's Get Started

    Find out why over 1300 institutional investors rely on CCC to steward their class action recoveries. Call us today, and one of our team members will be happy to field any question you have.

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