Why Every Investor Needs a Class Action Claim Filing Partner

Outsourcing to CCC Simplifies the Complexity of Financial Class Actions


For decades, securities class actions settlements have been a vital way for investors to recover market losses. However, filing claims is challenging, tedious, and time-consuming. A class action claim filing partner like Chicago Clearing Corporation (CCC) simplifies the process by helping you keep up with the 100+ settlements each year.

CCC provides a smart and simple recovery solution that not only returns funds to investors, but also gives investors (and portfolio managers) peace of mind. Given the complexity of the claim filing process, hiring a securities claim filing expert like CCC is the smart solution.

Managing the Process, Start to Finish:


The first concern for a busy investor is keeping up with every securities and antitrust class action relevant to their portfolio. CCC will monitor the class action landscape to ensure that you never miss a settlement opportunity. Whenever you or your clients are eligible for one, we will ensure that your claims are filed with the utmost care and attention.

Even if you missed a claim in the past, we can help. We will perform a retroactive analysis of your portfolio and file claims in settlements where the claim filing deadline has already passed. Our network itself is valuable as we have strong relationships with every plaintiff attorney firm and settlement administrator active in financial litigations. Therefore, more times than not, we can get late claims approved and paid along with timely claims.

Your team of experts at CCC will then communicate frequently with the claims administrators to ensure your settlement awards are secured and allocated properly.


Straddling the Legal and Financial Worlds:


CCC’s team is full of professionals with legal and financial experience. We have been in the class action space since 1993, and many of our staff worked in law firms, clearing firms, brokerages, and trading operations for decades. The core team at CCC has been together for well over a decade, and to-date have filed millions of individual claims in well over a thousand unique settlements.

And so, savvy investors turn to CCC with questions about how securities cases might impact them and their clients. Plaintiff attorneys and other practitioners turn to CCC when they want loss calculation models for specific securities whether to build a case for potential class-action lawsuits, or to opt out of an existing one. By straddling the financial world and legal world, CCC is able to navigate the esoteric trade data relevant to each class action, and to understand the arcane twists and turns of each litigation.

We are more than just a claim filer, we are your class action partner and advisor.


Simplifying the Yearly Class Action Frenzy:


With hundreds of new complaints filed in the federal court system every year, keeping up with the class action world has become exceedingly difficult if not impossible for the individual investor.  Further, each case is unique, CUSIP and other identifiers are often hard to find, and the filing process varies wildly between different administrators.

This is where CCC demonstrates our immense value to investors. Our team stays on top of every new filing , monitors changes to existing cases, and satisfies the disparate demands of dozens of administrators.


Maximizing Your Claim Filing Opportunities:

Not only does CCC simplify the class action claim filing process, we also maximize your recovery in each class action. We look for every last trade, consult with administrators about securities that may qualify, resolve every deficiency, and when necessary contest each rejection.

Chicago Clearing Corporation has recovered over $1 Billion dollars for our clients. We have led the class action recovery for nearly 30 years.  Let CCC assume your class action burden, and we will recover the money you and your clients are owed. 

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