GSE Bonds Claim Filing Deadline Extended to February 28, 2020

Massive CUSIP list got you down? Good news! Claim deadline extended

Two bits of news about the $386.5 Million GSE Bonds Litigation: first, the claim filing deadline has been extended to February 28, 2020. (The objection deadline has likewise been extended to February 14.) Considering the massive CUSIP list of 59,799 identifiers, this is some welcome breathing room for claim filers.

The other update is the official identifier list has shrunk, slightly from 64,000 unique CUSIPs to 59,799.Of course, that is still an extremely daunting number of identifiers. Most financial settlements involve all of one CUSIP.

CCC is now onboarding clients to help with this very litigation. We expect to file claims for hundreds of thousands of unique accounts for GSE Bonds, and have both the expertise and the capacity to take on hundreds of thousands more. So if the claim filing deadline does not relieve you, and if the slight contraction of the CUSIP list does not lift your GSE malaise, then give us a call today at 312-204-6970.


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