Chicago Clearing Buys Securities and Antitrust Class Action Claims, Providing Liquidity and Eliminating the Wait

Don't want to wait years for a settlement distribution? Fund winding down? Monetization is a smart solution

Chicago Clearing Corporation is the market leader in recovering settlement payments for investors in class action litigations. But that’s not all we do—we also monetize claims upfront or as part of a wind down.


Due to the current market conditions, CCC is accelerating purchases of an assortment of class action claims and illiquid assets from harmed investors. This is a great opportunity for many firms because it usually takes several years to actualize class action receivables from the point a complaint is first filed to the date of a settlement distribution. By selling claims to CCC now, investment managers can use the proceeds to re-deploy capital or to wind down their funds.


CCC’s monetization process is quick and simple, allowing you to meet tight time constraints. We will value your privacy and will work to maximize your recovery for every asset.  


Why choose CCC?

1.     We buy all hard to value illiquid assets- securities class actions, international litigations, private litigation, antitrust claims, global tax reclaimations, and more;

2.     We quickly value claims or other assets, usually within 3 days or less;

3.     We have the ability to fund executed purchase agreements within 48 hours.

There is no need to wait 18 months—or many more—for securities and financial antitrust settlements to pay out. CCC can provide capital today for your claims. Give us a call and we can get started immediately.

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